KS1 / Early Years Reading meeting for parents and carers

4th March 2020
Thank you to Class 1 who came and demonstrated some of their fantastic early reading skills at our reading meeting this morning.
Below I have attached some short videos of the demo lesson, and also the notes and screens that we used for the talk. I hope it is useful for you. Do come and ask if you have any questions about your child and reading. 
Below the teacher is modelling how we 'teach to fluency', ensuring children know the letter sounds off by heart.
The next clip is modelling how we teach children to read phonically regular words (ie words that you can sound out). It includes real and fake words. 
Some words you cannot sound out, you have to learn them off by heart, shown in the next clip. These are called 'sight vocabulary' or 'tricky words'. 
The daily short ERR session always ends with a Big Book which the children thoroughly enjoy joining in with.