Drama and Art Group Page on eSchools

21st January 2021
Please do go over to eSchools, and look on the group page. You will find our exciting Drama and Arts groups, one for younger, and one for older children.
Reception and Key Stage 1 Drama and Art Group
In this group we will share lots of stories in all sorts of ways, including drama, music, poetry and painting. This week starts with a story about doughnuts!
Key Stage 2 Drama and Art Group
In this group we will share drama, poetry, music and other ways to tell stories. It will build on the skills the children learned last term in school. There will be brilliant stories to explore, full of fun and dramatic events. This week starts with one of Mrs Ford's favourites, Shakespeare's Hamlet. 
These groups are updated weekly. Below are just a few example screen shots. Please do go and look at the full presentations (including videos, songs and activities) on eSchools.
If you cannot log onto eSchools/ have lost your password, please email the school office.