Reading Trophies

22nd February 2022

To kick off the new half-term off with some good news, we finished Spring 1 with some very impressive reading data!


The scores are:

 1st place – Class 3 with 85%

2nd place Class 6 with 84%

3rd place Class 4 with 64%

Let’s hope we can get off to a great start with home reading this half-term with World Book Day next week to help excite and motivate. As always, we are aiming for at least 5 recorded reads at home a week in EYFS/KS1. 

Congratulations to Class 10 for winning the Lower KS2 trophy and to Class 13 for winning the trophy for Upper KS2 (see full results above). Remember, in KS2 we aim for 30 minutes reading a day (some of this time is provided within the school day). 
We also have lots of new Word Millionaires and Word Multi-Millionaires this week (after a busy half-term enjoying some wonderful books!) Mrs Rawlins will announce names in her assembly and don't forget to look at the AR display to see who has read 1,000,000 words or more!