Writing Intent

Writing - Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Arbury, we want our children to develop into confident writers who write clearly and accurately as well as have a love for writing. Our bespoke units of work in writing have been specially created in partnership with teachers, subject leaders and senior leaders to ensure an engaging and rigorous English curriculum.

We aim for our writing curriculum to develop the following essential elements:

  • Provide exciting writing opportunities and experiences that engage and inspire all pupils.
  • Support children to acquire a wide and rich vocabulary
  • Support children to be able to spell new words by effectively applying the spelling patterns and rules they learn throughout their time in primary school.
  • Ensure all children have a solid understanding of grammar and apply it effectively to their writing.
  • We want our pupils to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style to suit a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.
  • We believe that all children should be encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their writing, in part by developing a legible, joined handwriting style by the time they move to secondary school.
  • We want every child to have a good knowledge of phonics to springboard children to becoming fluent writers.
  • We have a progressive curriculum which builds upon previous teaching, including regular assessment, to ensure each child’s needs are met so they can reach their full potential.