Values and Ethos

In Arbury School we will all enjoy learning in an environment that is secure and stimulating.  We will expect the highest standards from our staff and children.  All our achievements will be valued and celebrated

Teaching and Learning

  •          Our teachers work hard to ensure children achieve the highest standards
  •          Teaching and learning will be carefully planned and fun
  •          We want our children to be confident and able people
  •          We will teach good behaviour by example and by following the Golden Rules
  •          We will respect each other and show pride in the school
  •          We will work in partnership with parents/carers


  •          We will look after our facilities carefully
  •          We will display work we are proud of
  •          We will be aware of when and how others are working


  •          We will enjoy our excellent outdoor spaces and use them safely
  •          We will take care of the trees and wildlife that share them

Golden Rules

Our golden rules make our expectations clear for everybody and help to make the school a happy place for everyone. Staff, governors and children wrote them.

  •          Be polite to everyone
  •          Move quietly and carefully around the school
  •          Only call people by their given name
  •          Be honest and truthful; do not lie or cheat
  •          Do be a good friend
  •          Do co-operate; share with everybody you can
  •          Follow instructions; never disobey
  •          Be kind with your words and actions