Tadpoles visit to Class 2

4th May 2018
The tadpoles spent Golden Time in Class 2 today. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching them swim around their tank. The tadpoles now have brown bodies and little 'buds' where the legs will start to grow. They are eating cooked lettuce and spinach. 
Keep up to date with their progress by coming to see them most days at 8.50am, in the Key Stage 1 playground. 
The children enjoyed describing what they could see:
  • 'They are swimming, they are swinging their tails! They are tadpoles and they will turn into frogs.'
  • 'The tadpoles don't have legs yet.'
  • 'They come from the mummy, they hatched out of eggs'.
  • 'They start off as frogspawn, then they are tadpoles and then they've got legs, then they are froglets, and then they are frogs.'
What a lot the children know!