About us

Friends of Arbury Primary School are an informal group of parents and carers who actively support the school community. 

The aim of the group is to foster a sense of community within the school and encourage parents and carers to meet and make connections with each other. We do this by volunteering our time to help run events after school and ensuring everyone knows about local opportunities for children outside of the school day. 

Friends of Arbury is not a fundraising group although historically this has been the case. From 2023 we will not be raising money unless there is a need for something specific the school is unable to fund itself. 

Previously Friends of Arbury has paid for (amongst other things):

  • Toys for Golden-time
  • Climbing walls in the junior and infant playground
  • Play equipment in the infant playground and on the school field 
  • A fruit orchard
  • Tree benches
  • Contributions towards school trips to lower the overall cost to parents/carers
  • Leaving gifts for children moving on to secondary school

 Would you like to help?

We will ask for volunteers to help with specific events via Mrs Rawlins’ weekly email or on our Facebook group but if you want to be involved before any events or have ideas of your own please contact us via the school office, Facebook or email friends@arbury.cambs.sch.uk