Science Week

7th March 2022
Science Week

The EYFS children took part in the next stage of our wildflower meadow project. They were so helpful planting the seeds and stamping them into the ground.

We were so grateful to the volunteers from ‘On the Verge’ who came and taught us all about how to plant the meadow, along with lots of fun activities to learn about different birds.

They will be coming back again to work with some of our eco reps, mounting bird boxes and teaching us about the biodiversity in our school grounds.

In the EYFS, we used paper plates to recreate the planets. Can you guess which planets we are making in the photos of Class 1?
Class 2 making their lovely paper plate planets. 
Year 1 have been enjoying growing their own sunflowers! Every child planted a sunflower seed and has been monitoring its growth. We are recording how tall our sunflowers have grown and how many leaves they have. We have also been busy growing cress and potatoes!
Year 2 - Hygiene Investigation

Year 2 have been learning about how we can keep healthy and why this is so important. Today we learnt about good hygiene and why we need to stay clean. As part of this learning, we carried out an investigation to see how best we can clean ‘germs’ off our hands (we used glitter to represent the germs). We first made a prediction and then experimented with cleaning our hands with just paper towels, just water and then water and soap. We discovered that water and soap work best to remove ‘germs’ from our hands and to keep us clean and healthy.

Year 3 worked scientifically to find out how we could measure 3 things: how fast we could run; how far we could jump and how far we could throw. In our Ancien