Inspire Residency display at Fitzwilliam Museum

12th November 2022
Following a 5-day residency by 10 of our Year 5 children in June 2022, there was a final chance to see the exhibition of some of their work at the Fitzwilliam Museum on Saturday 12th November.  The children, who are now in Year 6, spent 4 hours at the Museum each day, and had the opportunity to work with a range of experts from different Museums and the Botanical Gardens.  They also worked with artists on a range of projects.
This was a very exciting opportunity for the children, and they made the most of every moment!  We are very proud of all they achieved.
Artwork was beautifully displayed by Museum staff.
Sketchbooks were full of drawings, paintings and the children's comments on what they were thinking and had noticed.
After some input from Museum experts, the children created their own creatures, inspired by scientific vocabulary.  The creatures were brilliant!  Back at school, all of the Year 5 children had the chance to do this activity, helped by their classmates who were part of the residency project.