Anti-Bullying Week 2017

13th November 2017

Mr Tull launched Anti-Bullying week in this morning's  whole school assembly. He talked about what bullying is, and what to do if you experience or witness it.

Throughout the week parents, carers, children and staff will be invited to sign the #No Bystanders pledge:

"I will never be a bystander to bullying and teasing language. If I hear it, I will call it out and if I can, I will stop it. By adding my name I promise to stand up for fairness, kindness and never be a bystander."

On Wednesday morning all classes swapped so that younger children had the opportunity to work with older children. They all read Todd Parr's book 'It's OK To Be Different', and then every child drew a small self portrait. These will be collected and made into a giant sized display. 
Children and adults were invited to wear odd socks to remind us that we are all different. 
We finished our class swap with a whole school playtime on the junior playground. It was a lovely opportunity to play with older or younger children. It was also a chance to find siblings and cousins! 
'All Different All Equal'... 400 different faces!