Eggs and chicks in Y2 (Classes 5 and 6)

14th October 2021
We are very excited in school as the chicken eggs have arrived! Both Year 2 classes have a special incubator in their classroom, and a set of 10 eggs. The children have been listening very carefully today, hoping to hear the sound of cheeping. Apparently the first chicks should begin to hatch tomorrow or Wednesday. 
We will keep you updated with news, and let you know as soon as the first chick has hatched!
What a wonderful experience for the children. 
Update 1!
We now have 5 chicks! It has been so thrilling watching the chicks hatch today. Look at the children's faces in some of these pictures! Such joy. 
Update 2- look how fluffy they are already! It has been so exciting watching the chicks hatch, and then seeing how quickly they dry out and their baby feathers fluff up. When they are big enough they will then go into the brooder, where they will have more space, a light heater, food and water.