Class 4 library visit

1st December 2017
The staff and children had a lovely visit to Arbury Library today. Many children took their library cards with them and were able to choose a book to take home. 
If you are not a member of our local library, please do join. You can join for free, and then take out 12 books at a time. 
Some comments made by the children after their visit:
  • I liked the 'Book With No Pictures' best, it was funny
  • I liked that I could choose my own book
  • I loved sitting on the train to read
  • The library is full of exciting books!
Feedback from a class 4 parent:

"I've just seen the pictures of Class 4 at the library. They look like they had a great time. My daughter has just read her book all by herself. It's the second time now that she's had the courage and perseverance to read a whole picture book all by herself. It is so exciting to see her progressing and gaining confidence in her reading. I can't wait for her to sit next to me while I read, and instead of asking me to read her a book, read it by herself!"