Reading Trophies

7th December 2020
The Key Stage 1 / Early Years
The Reading Trophy has been won by Class 1 again this week with a stunning 86% of the class achieving their 5 reads.
In second place is Class 6 with 78% and Class 2 is in third place with 77%. Well done to all of you.
We are delighted to see all this reading going on at home. We ask children to read and be read to at least 5 times every week. We love to read the comments you write in the reading diaries. 
Do keep up the great work. As the educational research always tells us, children who are read to in early childhood make better progress across all subjects as they get older. It is also a joy to snuggle up for a story at bedtime. 
Just as an aside: grown ups, don't forget to let your child see you reading too. 

Key Stage 2

Reading times are looking absolutely fantastic today, with every class in KS2 reading for over 30 minutes on average and many being significantly above this. The hard work of the children and their grown-ups, both in school and at home, is clearly paying off so well done! 


We also have our 4th word millionaire, from C14. Congratulations! A certificate is on its way.

We also have some impressive daily averages from some of our youngest Accelerated Reader users in Class 5 and Class 6. How fantastic!