Reading Trophies

7th February 2022
What a close week! There was just 1% separating our leaders' board this week. We are very proud of Class 6, who managed to secure first place with 71% of the children completing 5 or more home reads. Remember, bring your book bag into school every day and make an entry in your diary when you read at home - we love to hear about books you've been enjoying! 

1st place = Class 6 with 71%

2nd place = Class 3 with 70%

3rd place = Class 1 with 69%


So very close!

Please see above for the KS2 weekly reading averages. Congratulations to Class 9, who have won the LKS2 trophy and to Class 11, who have won the UKS2 trophy. 
It's been yet another impressive week of home reading in KS2. The recent Health Related Behaviour Survey carried out in Years 5 and 6 showed significantly more pupils from Arbury read for pleasure (compared with other Cambridgeshire schools). What a wonderful finding!