Classes 1 and 2 having so much fun in school!

8th September 2021
We continue to be hugely impressed with our new Class 1 and 2 children. They came into school beautifully this morning. They are already being very independent, walking into school, sorting out their water bottles and book bags. The staff are so pleased with how the children are all settling, and how well they are playing together.
Today I have seen very busy, very happy children playing at such a wide range of activities.
This morning I have seen children enjoying:
  • playdough
  • cutting and sticking
  • dressing up
  • playing with dolls
  • train tracks
  • cars
  • water and sand play
  • painting
  • dens
  • dominoes
  • running
  • snack time
  • stories
  • marble run
  • and a lot of dancing at break time (we had the music playing and it went down very well!)
We are especially pleased with how well Class 1 and 2 are playing with the older children at morning break time. Our older Key Stage 1 children get very excited about seeing their siblings/cousins/new friends, and love to make them welcome, and show them around!