'Make Meal Times Fun' Workshop

5th October 2017
Maria from The Red Hen Project ran a workshop today about Healthy Eating. She talked about healthy meals and then there was an opportunity to make a healthy lunch to take home. 
Top Tips for happy meal times and healthy eating:
  1. Try to sit together when you eat.
  2. Switch off the TV and mobile phones at meal times. 
  3. Encourage your child to try a range of different foods. 
  4. Encourage your child to be part of the food preparation process eg helping with shopping, washing and slicing. 
  5. Keep trying, don't give up. Research shows that some children need to see/taste/smell a new food 6 times before they are happy to eat it.
  6. Never force your child to eat something they don't want to eat. 
  7. Model for your child by eating healthily together.