Year 6 Assembly

2nd October 2015

Our year 6 children gave the first class assembly of the year, telling the whole school, parents and carers about their week away at Kingswood.

The children had written some recounts of their most memorable moments.


I could feel my stomach churning as I walked up the wooden steps that led to my fear. Once I got to the top, I watched our instructor clip the brave soul in front of me on to the zip wire. Then they disappeared!

I thought they were gone forever, but then they popped up out of nowhere whooping and laughing in joy. Their journey was over but it was the beginning of mine.

Terrified, I looked down at just the wrong moment. The tower looked as tall as a skyscraper. The instructor called me to the edge of the tower. My heart came to my mouth. I felt like running away.

Just then I heard everyone below shouting my name. I can do this, I thought. I pretended to be excited. I was screaming in my head. The instructor clipped me to the zip wire. The harness was too tight, so it forced me to my tip toes.

I slipped, and the next thing I knew I was hurtling to the stone floor. I was saved in the nick of time and all of a sudden flew like an eagle towards the sky. I stopped in mid-air, just hanging there. To be truthful, I actually started to enjoy it. But then I started going backwards. My body turned to jelly; I felt like screaming. I finally heard the call of the zip wire instructor. It was over.


Anxious – excited. That’s how I felt as I walked towards that daunting tower. I was weak at the knees as I walked up the stairs, butterflies and tension building in my stomach.

The instructor (Georgia) was very kind and understanding as she attached me to the rope which would take me on my journey. My legs shook as I walked towards the edge. I failed miserably in my Mission Impossible, don’t look down… It was with a clumsy half jump, half fall that I took off like an eagle fledgling trying to fly for the first time.

My fear was left on the tower while I whizzed towards the tyre that would end my flying journey. I was filled with regret as I was lowered down. Probably to a world in which I would never do a proper zipwire again.

The memory will live with me forever – especially the one of Charlotte grinning as long as the zipwire, and I must agree with her!



Dear Diary,

Last week I went to Kingswood with the school - #so fun.

In abseiling you have to fall back and one thing I learned at Kingswood - I physically can’t fall back. But it was pretty AWESOME and believe it or not, it was the scariest thing I did. Even scarier than zip wire, #so scary!

One of the best things I have ever done in my life is archery. It was GREAT, no even better, EXHILERATING! I got to shoot arrows from a REAL bow and not a toy bow. You need to aim then shoot and try to hit the bulls eye. The scoring of archery is white 1 point, black 2 points, blue 4 points, red 7 points and BULLSEYE 10 points.

The only better thing than archery was playing Laser tag. OMG this was the best thing ever, (beating watching YouTube all day). Anyway, Connor told Max who told me about the quick fire technique. Basically how you do the quick fire is kind of like a machine gun - one laser, hold down the trigger and boom! A huge, quick burst of lasers.

A hilarious memory was when I nearly ran over James in go karts and the most annoying time at Kingswood was when I had to do quad bikes in the rain - it was cold and wet, but when I did it I felt really grown up.

Another real highlight is the mystery trail. I enjoyed seeing all of the teachers dress up as super villains and gathering evidence to find out who kidnapped Mickey Mouse, even though he had two magic paintbrushes, the sorcerer hat and the key blade from kingdom hearts.

All in all, this trip was AMAZING, doing things outside of my comfort zone but not conquering my fear of everything. Anyway, best be off, peace out players!