Reception children's first FULL day

14th September 2020
Wow! What an incredible start! We are SO impressed with our new Reception children (and their grown ups too). Today the children all came in beautifully via the main door. They waved goodbye to their families and came into the classrooms in such a grown up and independent way.
They have played indoors and out, learned how to play alongside new friends, learned how to line up, had a first go at having lunch in the dinner hall, and enjoyed a lot of stories! They have played so beautifully all day, and I am sure will be tired out when they get home. So make sure to have an early night, and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. Don't forget your hat and water bottle as tomorrow looks set to be even warmer.
Well done to all of you (grown ups and children), we are absolutely thrilled with how you have all settled and so quickly become part of the Arbury family.
Enjoy the photos below, which I hope give you a little flavour of the children's first full day in school.