Black History Month launch

2nd October 2020
Mrs Rawlins launched Black History Month in this morning's assembly. If you would like to view the assembly, please log on to e schools and find the assembly page.
She talked to the children about events that are coming up in school (letter coming home soon).
She also talked about how important it is to stand up and challenge racism, whether it is in our school, our work places or our community.
We will be supporting the national Show Racism The Red Card event on Friday 16th October. So please start looking for red items to wear to school that day. In normal times we invite parents and carers to come and help decorate the playground in red that morning (we also usually have a visiting VIP for example the local Mayor or MP), so this year we are asking parents and carers to support this by wearing red on the school run,  or in their workplaces and homes that day.  
Here is a link to a BHM book list published by The Book Trust you may wish to have a look at: 
Mrs Rawlins read 'Give Yourself A Hug' in today's assembly. It is by Grace Nichols. She is  a Guyanese poet who moved to Britain in 1977. Mrs Rawlins commented on how in the picture the girl is hugging herself, just as we have shown you in school. Grace's father was a headteacher and encouraged her to recite poems as a child. Do you remember any poems you learned off by heart?
Below is a link to more Grace Nichols poetry, which might be of interest to older children.
Black History Month is held every year in October. It promotes the history and contributions that Black people with origins in Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America and other Black communities around the world have made to Cambridge and the UK. 
This year, as with many other activities and events, most celebrations are on line. 
See the link below to see events organised by the City Council. Two in particular to watch out for: Capturing Cambridge, run by The museum of Cambridge, and Cambridge Black Heritage, a very informative Facebook page.