Parent / Carer Questionnaire

We surveyed our Early Years parents and carers in September 2021. Here are some slides to show their responses. We were delighted to read how well they feel their children have settled in. 100% of them told us that they and their child/ren feel welcome at Arbury School. 
Comments from parents/carers Oct 2021
  • We received a great welcome from all the staff members at the school , which helped with settling in.
  • Amazing and friendly environment.
  • Very heart warmingly welcome!
  • We read the little book you sent many times in the weeks building up to the first day of school. It really helped. 
  • It is great to be able to see what the children have been getting up to during the day, by looking at the pictures on the website.
  • I love them! (the pictures in News and Events on the website).
  • I really appreciate all the photos and explanations of activities on the website.
  • Staff are always helpful.
  • We really liked the school's values and focus on inclusion and respect.
  • I liked the Head teacher zoom.
  • Our child has settled really well, all the staff are very friendly and welcoming.
  • My child is so happy, and so are we. 
  • It is a pleasure to be part of your community.
  • Thanks a billion to all of you.
Questions with answers: 
 1. Can school help build community between parents? Hopefully now that we are no longer running the staggered starts/finishes, you all have more time to chat in the playground before and after school. Sadly (due to covid) we cannot yet restart our lovely half termly teas and picnics etc, but in the meantime, I do know that lots of families meet at the little park near Arbury Court for a play and a chat after school most days. 
 2. Can school limit cake at lunch time? We have now returned to our pre lock down lunch menu, which has fruit salad available every day. We have also changed the order that the puddings are seen, so the fruit is first on the lunch counter. We have also asked the teachers to do a set of lessons about healthy eating choices and why fruit and vegetables are good for you.
 3. Can I see what my child gets up to in After School Club? Yes of course! We have taken a set of photos of after school club and posted them in News and Events (on our website) so you can see what goes on at the club. We hope these help . 
 4. Can I see more inclusive books coming home (most books still have 'he' as the main character, though that might be just the books our child is choosing)? Of course! We are always keen to improve our book stock and ensure we are not promoting unhelpful stereotypes, or not reflecting all of our children. Visibility and representation are both very important to us.  We recently spent £800 on books bought with the explicit intention of reflecting all of our children. So hopefully you will see these coming through in Early Years. 
We surveyed our new Early Years parents/ carers in October 2020, asking for feedback on how they/ their child have settled. 35 people responded. 
Below are graphs of their answers, and also some of the comments they made. 
Many thanks to you all for taking the time to complete the survey and giving us some really helpful feedback. We answered the questions you asked via an email sent out to all Early Years families, once the survey had closed. 
Comments from parents/ carers (October 2020) : 
  • I think you are doing a brilliant job under such tricky conditions. We really appreciate everything you are doing to allow the children to get back to school. Thank you for making the transition to Reception fun and safe. 
  • I really like that the letters from school are emailed rather than printed (so many trees saved!)
  • It has all been handled brilliantly and our son settled in perfectly and is loving it. Thank you for making everything so easy.
  • I especially liked that we were shown the Stonewall (Different Families Same Love) display on our tour. It is nice that LGBTQ+ families aren't ignored. 
  • We really appreciate the enormous efforts you have made to help the children settle in, and the warm and approachable welcome we receive every day when we drop off and pick up. I particularly like the cheerful messages on the board by the gate, and the photos on the website.
  • Really pleased with how quickly my child settled in. She loves going into school with a big smile.
  • The atmosphere in the playground for drop off and pick up is welcoming. My child is enjoying experiences offered to him. 
  • We have nothing but good things to say about the staff and school.
  • I really enjoy seeing  the pictures of what the kids are doing, even the older ones, as it helps give me an idea of what is going on when we can't go into school ourselves.
  • Our daughter absolutely loves school and asks to go every day (even weekends!) The school is wonderful and we are happy to be part of the family. Definitely made the right choice of primary school, 100%. Thank you so much for being so amazing!
  • Thanks for the written messages on the board at pick up, they're very nice to read, and thank you  particularly for receiving everyone with such warmth (even behind a mask!)
  • Very good communication with staff.
  • The eSchools is a great resource.
  • We couldn't ask for anything better- well done!
 Questions with answers: 
1. Can I chat with the teacher? Yes, please do! Come and ask for a chat after school. 
2. Will there be a parent consultation? Yes, these will be via zoom later this term. 
3. Where can I see photos? On the news and Events section of the school website.
4. What do I do if I have multiple children and a staggered start? Enjoy some quality time with your older child. Perhaps sit on the wall or the grass and read together.
5. How can we be informed ahead of time about things like needing wellies? Keep an eye out for the weekly newsletter from the teachers. 
6. Can senior staff sometimes stand at the Class 1 exit? Yes of course!

Our questionnaire to all parents and carers was last sent out in February 2017. We allowed until Easter 2017 for responses to come back into school.  We value feedback from parents/carers and this process allows us to celebrate our successes and plan for future improvements.

As you can see from the chart below, the responses to the 2017 questionnaire were very positive.


What Parents and Carers were Pleased About in 2016/17


"Arbury Primary School is such a great school, my children love going every day and always say they have had a good day and the staff are very friendly and have children's best interests at heart."
"I think the school is fantastic and extremely well run."
"Good info given for reading and maths eg, the talks held for parents. I like the info sheets for home learning and suggestions for topics."
"My child is very happy at this school. Great head and teachers alike."
"I am really happy with all that the school does for my child. I think the school team is doing a great job."
"Arbury is an amazing school, it should be a model for others. Thank you!"

What Parents and Carers were Pleased About in 2015


“Arbury Primary School is an excellent school where both the children and parents are valued.”


“Having 3 children transition through this school, all achieving well this is definitely a school I would recommend to others.”


“My kids love Arbury School - they have from the beginning. You have wonderful teachers & wonderful support staff.”


“My son has really thrived at Arbury with excellent teachers and support staff in every year. He's been really well prepared for the transition to secondary school. Thank you.”


“We believe the reception staff are great and the school is very welcoming to new children, keeping them motivated and interested, and helping them feel good and safe.”


“We continue to be impressed by the quality of Arbury Primary. As an out of catchment family, I constantly sing its praises. From the teaching (recognising and catering for varied skill levels of the children) to instantly responding to concerns we have raised. We love the warm community feel the school has - happy teachers and happy children. Our child's love of learning continues to grow!”


“What a great start! Early years at Reception is always a great start at this school. I am very happy with my son’s progress and the staff have been amazing at helping him settle.”


Responses to Your Suggestions to Make our School Even Better:

“It would be nice to have more notice re times/dates of special events e.g sports day so I can make arrangements at work.”

We have been working to increase amount of information that goes into the school calendar on the website. We also put key dates into Newsletters which are sent home and then archived on the website under the ‘Letters’ tab. We will look into adding timetables to the school website in response to parent feedback.


“I have been disappointed that there has been no residential trip for my child.”

We now have a residential trip for our year 6 children. Please have a look at the ‘Kingswood 2015’ page in the ‘Information for Parents / Carers’ section to see some of the activities from the week away in September.


“I would prefer to get communication and information by email as well as paper.”

Electronic communication will be in place before the end of the Autumn term 2015 in response to parent requests.


“I would like to support the teaching / learning experience and would like to know more about how to do this.”

Now we have our hall extension, it will be easier to run more workshops for parents and carers and to increase the guidance and support we give. The ‘Curriculum’ section of the website is also a good place to find out about how you can support your child further. Please also refer to the half termly letters that go home to all year groups as these contain information about what the children will be learning about in school.