Reading Trophies

17th January 2022
Congratulations to Class 4, who have won the EYFS/KS1 reading trophy this week! We have seen a real improvement in the number of children completing at least 5 weekly reads and helping their class to win the trophy so well done to all. Here are this week's results:
1st place= Class 4 with 78%
2nd place= Class 3 with 76%
3rd place= Class 1 with 69%
Remember, in KS1 we aim for at least 5 reads a week and ask that you make an entry for each in your child's reading diary. We love hearing about what you've enjoyed reading at home. Happy reading! 
In KS2 we have some very impressive averages this week, with all classes in Y4, 5 and 6 managing to exceed the 30 minute target! Congratulations to classes 9 and 13 for winning the trophies this week!
We also have some new word millionaires and multi-millionaires (who have read 2,000,000 words or more) to celebrate. Mrs Rawlins will be announcing names in her assembly this week and we will be posting photos of our new millionaires on the website too!