Year 1 Local Trip To Arbury Court

21st September 2021
Classes 3 and 4 had their very first school trip today. The children were fantastic! They walked to Arbury Court to see all the local shops that we are so lucky to have in our community. The children walked so sensibly, and listened to instructions very well indeed.
The children saw the chemist, the bakery, the florist, the green grocer, the barber, the pet shop, the bakery, the Chinese take away, the fish and chip shop, the hairdresser, the church, the supermarket and the bike shop.
The children were very lucky because the green grocer come out and told them all about the fruit and veg on sale.
On the way back the children also looked at the road signs and learned how to cross roads safely.
It was a great morning out.
One child said: 'I have loved my first school trip , it was so much fun seeing all the shops!'
We are so proud of the children, that we are putting them all in the Very Well Done Book. 
Class 3:
Class 4: