Nursery Rhyme bank

14th May 2021
Message from the local authority Early Years Literacy Advisor:


"The Early Years Service is going to develop an online bank of nursery rhymes which will be available to download in the languages that are most commonly spoken across Cambridgeshire. This resource will help all parents and carers support the language and literacy development of their children.


We are going to need the help of parents and carers to ensure we get this resource right, so we’ve created a survey which we’d like you to encourage parents to complete. The survey asks parents to let us know which languages they speak with their child, and which nursery rhymes they like the most. This will help ensure that we translate the most popular rhymes into those languages spoken by communities across Cambridgeshire. We are also interested in learning more about nursery rhymes from other cultures.


The survey can be found by clicking on this link or by entering this web address: . We’ve attached a flyer about the survey which we’d be grateful if you could display for parents and carers to see."