Laptop donations

2nd February 2021

The Local authority are partnering with the Youth Panel, Cambridge Digital Partnership, Cambridge 2030 and the Library Service on a campaign, Digital Drive Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, which includes setting up a collection and distribution network for anyone wishing to donate used Windows laptops to schools.  All donated laptops will be collected by the Library Service and delivered to the Youth Panel which will remove and destroy all hard drives (and data) and refurbish laptops so that they are in good working order.  They will then be given to schools across the county for distribution to the children and young people who need them. The 6 February has been agreed as the launch date for this initiative, but laptops can be accepted before this date. Every library in Cambridgeshire will be set up with a simple drop box located in the entrance which can be accessed during the published opening times:


If you know of anyone or are contacted by anyone wishing to donate used equipment, please share this information with them.  They can also email if they have any questions or need further advice.