Equality Statement

21st May 2018

Arbury Primary School has a commitment to equality in respect of disability, ethnicity, culture, national origin, national status, gender, gender identity, religion, faith background or sexual identity. We do not tolerate bullying in any form. To ensure we create an inclusive environment we teach children to value and respect others. We are proud that our children and the school community welcome all newcomers and treat each other with kindness and respect.

Governing Body / Headteacher – Arbury Primary School



'You have created a very special ethos that is highly praised by staff, pupils and parents and carers.'

'This is fully inclusive and makes clear that each individual is precious.'

'Children are treated with respect and that school staff do all they can to support them.'

'Families very much embrace the values of the school.'

'The school is a hive of activity, with interested, enthusiastic pupils and energetic staff.'

'Pupils have very positive attitudes to learning.'

'You have worked effectively to maintain and build on the many strengths identified at your previous inspection.'

'The school not only ensures that pupils do well academically; it also offers a rich and vibrant curriculum that gives pupils memorable experiences and enables them to excel in music, drama, the arts and sport.'

'The school has established a well-deserved reputation for celebrating difference, and its excellence as a school where all pupils are respected and allowed to be themselves is something the school community values highly.'

'They believe it is important that families and young people know that equality is a legal right.'

'The school gives out a clear message to everyone that here is a safe space.'

'There is very strong pastoral support for pupils and their families.'

'Pupils said that they feel safe in school and bullying is not an issue. They said that they can approach staff with any concerns and are confident that they would be dealt with.'


Ofsted – April 2018