Being Bilingual - Information from Cambridge Bilingualism Network

17th September 2021
Here are 5 excellent observations/ ideas about raising your child bilingually:
  1. Babies' brains are amazing! They can learn any language that they hear around them - even more  than 1 language at a time. 
  2.  More than half of the world's people speak more than 1 language and there's no right way to do it.  All families are different, so decide together what your multilingual family will be like. 
  3. How much your baby hears makes a difference; the more you talk in your languages, the more your baby will learn your languages- the whole family can get involved!
  4. When you share your languages, you share your feelings, and your stories. Be proud of your languages and share them like a gift!
  5. Talk to your baby in the languages you are most comfortable with. If your child learns one language well from you, it will be easier for them to learn English well too.