Year 6 learning about Holocaust Memorial Day

2nd February 2022
Class 14 spent some time with Mrs Rawlins on 26th January, to learn about Holocaust Memorial Day which falls every year on the 27th January.  Class 13 worked with Mrs Rawlins on this learning on 2nd February.
The children heard the story of Renie Inow, a Jewish girl who came to live in the UK just before World War II began.  She came on a Kindertransport train.  We also found out about 'Stolpersteine', which are metal plaques sunk into the pavement outside the last residence of someone killed in the concentration camps.  They are intended to catch the eye so that the person looking will become aware of the person lost.
We made our own version of Stolpersteine out of embossing foil.  The children chose a meaningful word or phrase to put onto their plaque.  We will display these in school.
Below are some photos from the lesson and of the finished work from Class 14.