Reading Trophies

3rd May 2022
In EYFS/KS1 we aim for 5 recorded home reads each week. Each class records the number of children who achieve this target to see who will win the reading trophy. It was a tie this week so the trophy will shared between classes 4 and 6. Well done!

 Joint 1st place = Class 4 and Class 6 with 74%

2nd place = Class 3 with 68%

3rd place = Class 1 with 64%


The table above shows the average daily reading times for KS2 classes. A special well done to classes 10 and 13, who have won the trophies this week. In KS2, we aim to read for at least 30 minutes a day (some of this time is provided within the school day). Well done to all classes and grown-ups - both in school and at home!