Reading Trophies

13th September 2021
Reading Trophies
We are very keen that our children read LOTS at school, and also at home. All research points to the fact that children who read and are read to, make better progress in all school subjects. Research also tells us that it makes children happier, and it is a very pleasurable activity to build in to your bedtime routine. To have a bedtime story is one of life's little pleasures. Even if it is only 5 minutes, it is such a lovely end to the day.
So we ask that you support the reading the children do in school, by ensuring that in Early Years and Key Stage 1, the children read at home, at least 5 times per week. We would like you to record that they have done this by writing in their Reading Diaries. On a Friday, the staff count up each child's reads. If they have got 5, they get a special sticker in their diary.
Last week the class with the most children achieving their 5 reads was Class 5. Here they are with their trophy!
In Key Stage 2 we check reading in a different way. Below you can see the average minutes read. The winners in KS2 are Classes 10 and 13. Very well done.