Show Racism The Red Card at Arbury Primary

22nd October 2021
We are very proud to have taken part in the national, annual Show Racism The Red Card / Wear Red Day event. The school has been a sea of red today. It has been absolutely wonderful. 
Thank you to all the children, parents, carers and staff who dressed in red and stood up to say 'NO to racism, and YES to kindness'.
Have a wonderful half term everyone. Today has been a very special day, we hope you and your children enjoyed taking part.
Key Stage 1 
The children dressed in red, made red cards, and talked about being kind. We have talked to them about kind words and actions. 
Lots of children have written on their cards. Some of the words they chose were: 'Be kind', 'Love each other', 'Respect' and 'Be a good friend'.
It has been a wonderful day! We saw red crowns, red jumpers, red t shirts, red nail polish and even red socks. We are so pleased so many of you stood with us today to share this important message.