Year 2 visit Key Stage 2

16th July 2021
Children in Classes 5 and 6 (Year 2) were taken on a tour of the Key Stage 2 side of school this week. 
They will be joining Key Stage 2 in September as our new Y3s.
They were given a little tour and met with Mrs Rawlins on the KS2 playground to have a welcome/ introductory talk. 
Mrs Rawlins said the children were delightful, and asked really good questions. She talked to them about the things that will be different, and the many things that will be the same. The children were very excited to have this special visit. One child said " I'm excited- we will have a really good time!"
Here are some of the items they discussed: 
  • the playground
  • how to come into school in the mornings
  • where the classes are
  • who the staff are
  • what lunch time will be like.
Mrs Rawlins then said that if they have further questions, they can message her through e schools, or they can tell their teachers and Mrs Rawlins can send a video response. 
Today the children had a play in the KS2 forest area. They had a wonderful time exploring under the trees, carrying logs, den building and looking for animals in the pond.