Parents and Carers


"I'm honestly blown away by the support the kids are having from teachers via the internet. I am so touched by some of the things the teachers are doing - reading out chapter books, for instance. Everything is so warm and thoughtful and encouraging.

Made me realise, for the umpteenth time, what a wonderful job our school
is doing. Thank you so much."

From the mum of two children, one in Y2 and one in Y6.

May 2020


 "When we were looking for schools for our son, we felt spoiled for choice with three well-performing schools in walking distance.  We visited all of the schools to see the facilities, see some of the children at work and play and to hear what the staff had to say about their offer for their pupils.  

 All of the schools had something to offer and we felt welcomed by all but from the moment we arrived at Arbury, we were assailed by the work of the children and by countless messages telling us "you are welcome here" including more than one "Different Families, Same Love" poster which immediately made us feel that this was the right place for us.  Our positive feelings for the school grew as the Headteacher took us on a tour (where we continued to see how images, books and other materials with the "Different Families..." message permeated the entire estate) and we watched as endless children of all ages crowded to him as someone they knew and were excited to see and share their work.

We were almost overwhelmed by how right the school was for our son and we have been proven right in our choice time and time again during his time as a pupil here."

January 2020

"The photos left with the nursery setting were helpful in orientating us. Stay and Play was very helpful. The book about starting at Arbury school was excellent- the best practice I know of- meaning that, on the eve of his start at school, my child's only query was where to find the mud kitchen.
Your careful planning and arrangements have ensured an excellent transition from nursery school to primary school." 
From the mum of a child starting in Class 2
September 2019
"The book you produced this year was fantastic and kept what the school looked like fresh in her mind throughout the summer (as we know 6 weeks for a child seems like a year!)
She would say she knew where the toilets were and where things were in the garden . It also helped both my daughter and I with where we needed to put her coat/water bottle/ bookbag on the first day. 
The induction over all was fantastic- the proof is in how well our daughter has settled so quickly."
From the mum of a child starting in Class 1 
September 2019
"The induction program was great, the phased start was just right. Three shorter days were plenty. The whole 'starting school' was very stress-free and went very smoothly for our son. I really only have positive comments to make".
From the mum of a child starting in Class 2
September 2019
"The induction procedures were excellent. We really appreciated the tour of the school by the Head. It sold the school to us immediately!"
Parent of a Reception child 
October 2018


“Every time I come to a school event I fall in love with the school a little bit more. It’s such an obviously happy place. Thanks for everything you all do for the kids. ” 

From the mum of a child in Class 1. 

May 2018


"We chose Arbury Primary because it lives its inclusion and equality policies, rather than just speaks about them. All people are welcome at Arbury Primary, it doesn't matter what race, beliefs, ability, socio-economic or family background, all children have the chance to grow. The 'different families same love' posters are displayed throughout the school. I've often heard parents refer to them and the warmth the images bring to the school hallways. My child has quoted the 'different families, same love' slogan to support a friend whose parents had recently split.

Arbury Primary manages to keep the focus on developing the children's love of learning and enriching them with varied experiences whilst still getting great National results. They seem to have the balance and focus right. When picking a school, I was advised to see if the teachers were happy. Not just smiling for prospective parents, but smiling after no-one is thought to be looking. After a few years of being at the school, I still see happy teachers.”



“Huge thanks and credit to all the teachers and staff at Arbury Primary School, who took a little girl who could not read when she started there in Year 3 , and helped to make her into this confident, capable and successful young woman.”

- Parent whose eldest child achieved a First in English at Canterbury University.




“When my daughter turned 4 and we had to choose a primary school for her, we visited many schools in the area. Arbury Primary School visit revealed that the school had massive green fields and even a forest at the back! The inside of the building was colourful and inspiring for kids. The children looked very happy and well behaved. The staff felt welcoming and passionate about their job. We were very impressed, decided to put Arbury on the top of our list, and were lucky to be given a space there.

Before our daughter started school, she had the opportunity to come three times to meet her future teacher, play with the toys and look at what the pupils had created... She was ready and eager to start school two months later!

This was almost 2 years ago.

Now our daughter is in Year 1. She is happy to go to school and excited to learn new things every day. We couldn't be any happier, we feel like she's been flourishing; the kids and the staff care about each other, respect each other, look out for each other. It's the perfect environment for growing up and learning.

We are French, and it's not something we experienced when we went to school. The French system is very-much about markings, passing tests and fitting into a mould. Here the teachers will adapt to their pupils, adapt their teaching to their interests, value their talents and their efforts.

I would recommend any parents to visit Arbury Primary School and discover that the school is bursting with love and has a staff fully dedicated to turning shy 4-year-olds into confident, respectful and well-rounded teenagers.”


"I just wanted to let you know that I showed the online picture of the children making a rainbow to a friend of mine who has unfortunately been on the receiving end of some really unpleasant homophobic abuse in their time. They felt really encouraged and supported that this was happening, and felt that things like this might have made a real difference when they were growing up. The supportive environment you foster extends well beyond the school gates - thank you very much for making it happen."