Year 1 Out And About Week

29th October 2018
As part of Out and About week the children went on a Minibeast Hunt to see where things like to live on our school grounds. They went down to the log pile and the forest area at the back of the field. They looked under rocks and stones and found lots of minibeasts! They marked them on a map of the field and then labelled them when they got back to the classroom.
The children also made beautiful sun catchers. They went outside and collected autumn leaves. They chose colours that they really liked, and then made and decorated their leaf sun catchers. 
The children planted bulbs today. They dug over the raised beds and planted 100s of bulbs! Do go down and have a look if you are in the Key Stage 1 playground. They planted hyacinths, tulips, snowdrops, crocus and daffodils. We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful flowers in the Spring.