Parent and Carer Reading Meeting - Nov 2017

8th November 2017
We ran a meeting looking at how we teach children to read. We talked about: 
  • the importance of daily reading both at home and at school
  • how ERR (Early Reading Research) works - this is our phonics scheme
  • how to fill in reading diaries
  • reading games 
  • the resources/games on our website that teach the first letter sounds, combinations and the words you have to learn off by heart
  • phonics games 
All research shows that children who are read TO make better progress in all subjects at school. It stimulates a love of learning and a curiosity about language. Please try to create a dedicated story time every day at bed time. Your child will love it....and so will you!
Don't forget- children copy everything we do, so let your child see you reading for pleasure too.