Reading Trophies

19th April 2021
Congratulations to Class 1 for winning the Early Years / Key Stage 1 Reading Trophy this week.
We counted up the number of children who had achieved their 5 reads last week. Here are the results: 
1st place - Class 1  with 83% of the class reading 5 or more times in the week
2nd place - Class 6 with 73% 
3rd place - Class 4 with 62% 
Well done Class 1, terrific home reading!
These percentage figures are all up on last week- so well done to all children (and parents/carers). 



We are also proud to share excellent daily reading times across KS2 last week, with all classes exceeding the 30 minute daily target. How wonderful! A special, 'Well done' to classes 9 and 14 who have won the weekly trophies.

Happy reading everyone!