Reading Trophies

16th September 2019
Congratulations to our class winners. A great start to the autumn term, with lots of reading happening across the school. Well done everyone, keep up the great work. The amount your child reads really does make a huge difference to progress across all subjects, and it is fun! 
Key Stage 1 and Early Years children are asked to aim to read at least 5 times per week, and to record these reads in the Reading Diary. It is just as important to read TO your child as it is for your child to read to you, so please record all those lovely bedtime stories you are enjoying reading aloud. Sometimes grown ups ask if they must only read the books in the book bag- no, not at all. If your child has a favourite from home they like to hear over and again, please write that in. Or if you have books from the library, do write those in too. It gives us a really good picture of your child's interests and the books they enjoy.