Class 11 National Maths Week Shape Day

12th November 2021

"For our Maths lesson, we investigated the different types of triangles and their properties. Firstly, we learnt about the four different types of triangles and their properties. After, we used an interactive peg board (with nine pegs) to make a variety of different triangles. We recorded the triangles we were able to make and identified the type of triangle it was, based on its properties.


We were unable to make a right-angled triangle using the nine peg board, so we investigated whether we could make all four types of the triangles using a different amount of pegs. We discovered that it was possible with 6 pegs. Finally, we tested whether all triangles could be made when there was a multiple of 6 pegs used by using 12 and 18 pegs which was successful.


We had a great time during the investigation and enjoyed using the technology to support us!"