Y6 Leavers' Evening 2017

20th July 2017

It was an emotional evening again at the leavers’ assembly. We are very proud of the achievements of our year 6 children and thank them for the contribution they have made to the school during their time at Arbury Primary School. We wish them all the very best in the future!


In my time at Arbury Primary school, I have been opened up to new opportunities and made memories I will never forget. I have been encouraged since day one to do my best, and I know everyone else has too.

I think everyone would agree that Arbury has brought us together, and treated us equally and given us a fair chance to embrace our differences and learn new skills. Each one of has been helped and supported all the way. In Year 6 especially we have achieved so much due to all the encouragement. We’ve improved our writing, maths and just about every subject there is.

One of the many highlights of Arbury was going on our residential trip to Kingswood. Everybody enjoyed spending time together and becoming closer friends. We all had an amazing time trying new sports and games. In fact all the school trips have been brilliant. There was the trip to the zoo in reception where we learnt about animals, museum trips and even a trip to the seaside. It’s been a great part of Arbury Primary school we will all remember.

Another great part of Arbury is the incredible productions. We have just finished our Year 6 play Oklahoma! Thank you to all the teachers who helped us along the way making our show the best it could be - it turned out amazingly. The nativity, year 4 play Greece goes to pieces and all the other performances were amazing and they are a great part of this school.

In Arbury we have worked together and formed new, close friendships along the way. We have worked together and fixed complications, solved problems and had lots of fun together. I know that we will hold onto our friendships as we move up to secondary school. Hopefully we’ll try and keep in touch with friends as well as make new ones in our new schools.

Overall Arbury Primary school has been an amazing part of our live. Leaving after 7 years almost feels surreal, as it’s been so important - years that we will hold onto for the rest of time. Thank you Arbury Primary School for all the encouragement, support and care you have given us.

Thank you