Medical Needs

At Arbury Primary School, we will ensure we support your child with their medical needs and will ask you for an annual update to their 'Individual Healthcare Plan'.

Arrangements for the Administration of Medication to Pupils

Members of the school staff have 'loco parentis' responsibility for the welfare of children during school time but the administering of prescribed medicines at prescribed times falls outside those responsibilities.  Most medicines can be taken outside the school day. If this isn't possible, parents or carers may come into school themselves to give children the prescribed dose.  Medication must not be given to class teachers or brought into school by the child themselves.

In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for a member of staff to administer medicines. For this to be requested, parents or carers should complete and sign the ‘Parental Agreement for School to Administer Medicine form’ and ensure that the ‘Individual Health Care Plan’ is up to date.  Medicine will not be administered without this information being completed.  Both forms are available from the school office and to download from the school website.  In cases where the administering of medicines requires any judgement from staff, or the medication needs are more complex or time critical, a medical protocol will be required.  Protocols are written by healthcare professionals and clearly instruct staff on the key indicators to consider and the appropriate response.