Class 1 Dinosaur Hunt

11th May 2021

Today, children in Class 1 discovered an unusual egg in the forest school area. They had lots of exciting ideas, with some children suspecting that it could be a dinosaur egg…! They found some very large footprints and used their learning about the bodies of different dinosaurs to surmise that it might be a herbivore like a stegosaurus or triceratops – especially in the forest surrounded by so many tasty plants! They looked for other clues and found some broken branches, which they suspected could have been the dinosaur moving around the forest. One child said they even heard a dinosaur roar in the distance!


The children returned inside and began to create lots of labels, signs, posters and models. Some children drew pictures of the different evidence that they had seen in the forest. We will be putting these up in the forest school to warn other visitors and around the school to see if anyone knows where the egg might have come from.


If anyone reading this has any information about the mysterious appearance, please tell the children or teachers of Class 1 and 2…