School Council

Our school council is made up of elected representatives from each class. The children take their role very seriously. It is an excellent way for children to feed their ideas into the structure and governance of school. 
Feedback to School Council from children Autumn 1 2020
Good things in school at the moment
  • forest school
  • playing with friends
  • eating lunch
  • having toys to play with
  • being kind to each other
  • seeing our teachers 
  • ERR phonics
  • making pictures
  • Golden Time
  • painting
  • chicks in class
  • good manners
  • Pen Of Power
  • school being open
  • drama
  • maths
  • PE
  • reading trophies
  • sausages
  • sports coaches
  • wet floor in the toilet (we discussed how to prevent and therefore solve this!)
  • some children wanting to stay at home with parents
  • the slide going away
  • getting stuck
  • going into lockdown again because we like English and Maths lessons
  • we can't go on trips 
  • we can't run sports clubs after school 
How does it feel being back in school after school was closed for such a long while? 
  • we felt bored at home
  • happy to be back
  • excited but nervous on the first day back
  • good to see friends again, even though some had changed and looked different
  • grateful to see each other
  • learning face to face is best
  • waking up routine tricky to start again
  • it felt like a dream coming back in September
  • it was lonely before we all came back
  • sad to miss home
  • nervous , we needed to be brave
What did you enjoy about learning at home? 
  • I made nature wands
  • I made dinosaur pictures 
  • we could send things to our teachers on e schools
  • virtual trips on e schools
  • older people at home helping with work
  • more comfortable surroundings to work
  • could snack whenever I wanted
  • older siblings helping with work
  • I got to know my family better
  • I could sleep for longer
What did you miss most about school when you are learning at home? 
  • seeing teachers
  • playing with friends
  • reading books together
  • storytime
  • Golden Time
  • ERR
  • learning together
  • school dinners
  • football
  • experiments
  • clubs
  • the field
  • conversations
  • being together
A year 4 child who is a School Council special assistant wrote: 
"To Mrs Rawlins,
These are a couple of ideas of what children might be feeling about coming back to school. They might be feeling: worried because of the differences, excited to see their friends, might not want to go back to school because you could do work in your pjs. 
Here are some emotions of what people might be feeling: scared, worried, nervous, excited, relieved, happy, anxious."
Even our youngest children take their council role very seriously. Here are the notes made by one of our Reception School Councillors at a previous meeting.