Hello, and a very warm welcome to Arbury Primary School. We are really looking forward to meeting you all.
We hope you enjoy using this section of the website, which is especially for the families of children who will be starting in our Early Years classes in September 2021.
We will be emailing you all later this week to say hello and give you starting dates.
We hope that this area of the website will become a useful resource for you. It starts with our special storybook for you to read aloud to your child. We will then keep updating this section with videos of the classrooms, videos of the staff reading stories and rhymes, and Frequently Asked Questions. 
This area gets updated regularly. Do keep checking back.
We also suggest you have a look at the News And Events section here on our website. Have a look for some of the pictures which show what classes 1 and 2 are up to at the moment in school. You might like to try find some pictures of children exploring in the forest area, or playing with dinosaurs. 
These pictures will start to give you and your child some ideas about what school will be like, and the sort of fun they will have when they start.
We hope you find all these resources helpful. Please do contact the Assistant Head, Kathy Whiting 
(kwhiting@arbury.cambs.sch.uk) if you have any further questions.