Phonics Resources

 We teach phonics using the StoryTime Phonics scheme. This is an engaging and multisensory programme which uses high-quality picture books as a basis for learning how to read and write.

 How is StoryTime Phonics taught?

StoryTime Phonics is taught through daily phonics lessons in EYFS and Year 1 where we teach sounds and children practise reading and spelling words containing these sounds. This is reinforced by reading carefully selected decodable books containing sounds and words they can read.


Tricky Troll words

StoryTime Phonics introduces ‘common exception words’ (words which contain GPCs that are unusual or have not yet been taught) as tricky troll words. In Reception, children should read and spell words in Phase 2 and 3 and be beginning to read Phase 4 words. In Year 1, children should read and spell words in Phase 2-5.



How can you help at home?


Most importantly enjoy reading stories together, without any pressure. Create a lovely, warm, cuddly experience! Once you have finished reading the story have a chat about it, looking back over the pictures identifying the parts you enjoyed or discuss anything that puzzled them to help support their understanding of the story. Ask them questions and get them to ask you questions!


When your child brings home their reading decodable book, support them to sound out the words when required, blending the letter sounds (phonemes) from left to right through a word. For example in the word ‘bird’ you hear three sounds, so sound out the word like this b-ir-d. Your child will learn an action and phrase for each letter sound; they’re fun to learn and will be linked to a storybook too.


Information about sounds and tricky words covered in class will be sent home in your child’s reading diary on a weekly basis. If you ever have any questions about how to support your child, then please speak to a member of staff.


 More details about supporting reading in EYFS can be seen in this recording of our Reception Parent Workshop:

How to say the sounds

These videos show you how to say the sounds correctly.

Phase 2 sounds: 
Phase 3 sounds: 
Phase 5 sounds: 

Phonics Screening Check – Year 1


The Year 1 phonics screening check is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual pupils have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. It will identify the children who need extra help so they are given support by their school to improve their reading skills. They will then be able to retake the check so that schools can track pupils until they are able to decode.


More details about the Phonics Check can be seen in this recording of our Year 1 Phonics Parent Workshop:

Useful Websites

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These are the sound mats we use in school to help children when they are writing. They may be useful for practising at home too.

If you do not access to a printer, but would like a copy of any of the resources on this page to help your child practise their phonics at home then please speak to Mrs Morris or Mrs Griffin.
EYFS/Year 1 Reading Workshop Autumn Term 2022
If you were unable to make our parent workshop, please see the slides above for further information. Please do speak yo your child's teacher, Mrs Griffin or Mrs Morris if you have any further questions.