Kingswood Residential

This page will be updated during the week that the year 6 children are on their residential trip to Kingswood. (9th  – 13th September 2019)


If you have any questions during the residential, please contact the school office between 8.30am and 4.00pm.  In an emergency only, and outside of school hours, you may contact the centre direct on 01263 838384.

We have arranged to leave Kingswood at 1.00pm on the Friday in order to make it back to school for the end of the school day at 3.15pm.

Monday 9th September 2019
Having all arrived safely, we enjoyed lunch before having a tour of the site.  We then dropped off our bags in the rooms before going straight into the first 3 hours of activities before an evening meal.  The children were quickly settled and all looked ready for 5 days of fun and adventure.

Tuesday 10th September 2019

We enjoyed a beautifully sunny day filled with lots of high energy activities that children are loving.  Again there was excellent cooperation and teamwork from all the groups.  We are all really impressed with the children and are having a wonderful time.


Wednesday 11th September 2019

Wednesday was another good day at Kingswood. After a rainy start, it was lovely and sunny in the afternoon. The children challenged themselves with lots of activities from the high tower today, and felt pleased and proud with their achievements. In the evening we had a campfire with lots of singing and fun. 


Thursday 12th September 2019
Another super day. We spent a sunny afternoon at the beach, the children loved making sandcastles, paddling and looking for creatures in the rock pools. The disco was a great success, lots of children were demonstrating very impressive moves!
Friday 13th September 2019
Children have had a lovely time. They are on the coach back and are due in between 3.00 and 3.30.
Diary from 2018

Monday 10th September 2018

Having arrived safely, the children completed their tour of the site and safety talk. After their beds were made, we had lunch. They were then straight into afternoon activities. Everyone settled in and was having fun.


Tuesday 11th September 2018

We've had a great day today - lots of laser tag, go karting and caving. Everyone is enjoying themselves and we are confident that the children will all sleep well tonight! We've had just a few spots of rain but the weather is pretty warm here. All looking forward to the beach tomorrow.


Wednesday 12th September 2018

We had a great afternoon at the beach with lots of crab catching and exploring rock pools. Archery and shelter building were also enjoyed by everyone. We're looking forward to a sunny end to the week.


Friday 14th September 2018

What a lovely last day full of exciting activities. The children were all packed up before breakfast ready to head home after lunch.


Diary from 2017
Monday 11th September

The children arrived safely and on time. They quickly settled into rooms, making their own beds, before having lunch. In the afternoon they were straight into activities. It has been a lovely first day.


Tuesday 12th September
It has been a lovely sunny day with no rain although it has been a little bit windy. All the children are happy, busy and eating well. There have been lots of personal challenges achieved and excellent teamwork from everyone.


Wednesday 13th September
We enjoyed the best of the weather in the afternoon playing on the beach in the sun. The children also really enjoyed songs and hot chocolate around the campfire. Another great day!

Thursday 14th September

After a cold and windy start to the day, things soon brightened up and we even had some sun in the afternoon.  It was another fun-packed day on our last full day at Kingswood.  In the evening, children dressed up for the disco before enjoying a bedtime hot chocolate. Safe to say, they are going to sleep well again.


Friday 15th September

What a fantastic week the children have had. After breakfast, we have our last activities of the residential, lunch and then we board the coach back to Cambridge. (I think we may have a few more sleeping on the way back than the way out). Thank you for lending us your children for the week, they been a pleasure to take away on residential.  See you at 3.15pm!


Diary from 2016
Monday 19th September
We have arrived safely and are getting ready for the afternoon activities.
Tuesday 20th September
Everyone slept well and were up bright and early for breakfast at 7.30am.  The children are now showering and getting ready for their first activity of the day at 9.30am.
The children all had a lovely day. It was mostly sunny with only a little bit of drizzle. Everyone challenged themselves with the activities and children have been eating really well.
Wednesday 21st September
Ready for another busy day.
So far it has been a beautiful, sunny day with the sun shining on the sea beyond the campus. Caving has been exciting and very dark. Abseiling was very high, but the children were very proud of themselves once they had reached the ground. The zip wire was loads of fun once you got going. The go-karting needed really good concentration on the turns.
Still sunny here. Children have really enjoyed the swimming and lots of them also managed to light campfires with flint, steel, tumble drier fluff and a range of sticks and twigs.
It has been an earlier night for the children tonight so that they keep their stamina up for the last two days.
Friday 23rd September
Lovely breakfast followed by getting packed and ready for the coach.  Two fun activities this morning before lunch.  Should be back at school by about 3.15pm.
Diary from 2015
Monday 14th Sept
All safely arrived and ready for a fun and busy week.  We spent the afternoon on the beach and the children are just settling into their rooms before the next activity.
Tuesday 15th Sept
The children have had an action and adventure packed day. Activities have included zip wire, climbing, go carting and fencing. Everyone is eating really well, the food is great. We finished off with a camp fire sing song and marshmallows. We avoided the rain here today, we are hoping for another dry day tomorrow.
Thursday 17th September
We  have had another day of really challenging activities and everyone has tried really hard to get over their fears when trying something new.  It has been dry and the sun even came out briefly.  It's an earlier start tomorrow, packing up and sorting out the bedding to leave.  See you all tomorrow!
Wednesday 16th Sept
We have had another busy day, we had great fun on the beach this afternoon looking for crabs and other rock pool creatures.  We did lots of activities this morning and this evening we did the Trail of Mystery - the children were horrified to discover that Mrs Phillips had killed Mickey Mouse!
Friday 18th September
All packed and ready to go after a final morning of fun activities.  We will be back at school by 3.15.